Guerrilla Gardening

The band called Oh is Norway's biggest neo-soul band
This album was released digitally in 2017 and now finally available on vinyl!
Beautiful gatefold double-vinyl pressed in 250 copies



Danish Beats

"Støt din lokale rytmeskubber" or "Support your local rhythm pusher" contains 45 beats from the best Danish beatmakers around.
Every beat is just over 1 minute, which makes it perfect for freestyle/off-the-dome rap.
Es, Architech, Xeren, Milad Genius, Swab, M.W.P., Adam Kay among others contribute.


Death & Soft Things

New in distribution from one of the raddest rockbands in Denmark

VOKADIN is a Danish Garage Post Punk Rock Band.  Vokadin has often been associated with bands like, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Pixies, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana ect.


The new album Death & Soft Things proves that they may be some noisy punks, but they know how to craft catchy melodies and produce noisy yet mature songs.


Under tiden

Karenina's "Under tiden” combines Danish lyrics with 90's trip hop.

Limited pressing on white vinyl

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The team...

Rasmus Rudbæk

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Event maker, rapper and dj. Currently doing AP Graduate in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management with a specialty in events.

His first solo release will be out on our label soon

Kasper Arildskov

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Record Store clerk for the last 10 years. Masters in media studies. Former rapper and producer with several releases to his name.

Part of the group Dynamikken, who released "Sommer I Min By" as a 7" on our label

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